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in china that make the products. several contract workers jumped to their deaths rather than continue working in china. after media reports, apple began to improve conditions. >> they love the computers but we were talking about that over dinner and saying, you know, i don't know. it's not conscious consumerism which is what we're looking at. where is your money going, what is it supporting? people jumping off buildings? >> reporter: made in america may be an emerging trend but apple isn't the first. its rival google announced last summer that its new media streaming device called the nexus q is made in the u.s. speculation is rampant about what computer and where in the u.s. apple will manufacture its former assembly plant in elk grove one possibility. although some see apple's decision as a public relations move, one user says it's right for the times. >> i hope it's something tangible.
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this is also for the stakeholders. people on the ground actually working on the apple phones. >> reporter: low wages and low fuel costs were the main forces driving companies to start manufacturing overseas allen but over the decades we in that fuel costs are definitely up and wages in china as a result of some of this reporting of bad conditions there are on the rise 15 to 20% as well so it doesn't make as much economic sense as it used to. >> i'm sure consumers are wondering oh, yeah but does that mean all the apple products are going to cost more? will they raise prices on me is it. >> reporter: it's a competitive thing. they are getting a lot of mileage out of moving some manufacturing of one line of computers, the mac mini or the pro, they are getting publicity about that. other companies may want to jump on board. whether or not it's competitive, we'll see if other companies jump on board and whether or not they can make it work here.
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tesla is building the car of the future here in fremont, too. >> it's a beautiful plant. thank you. the chp has busted a trio of armed robbers who have been targeting tolltakers on the carquinez bridge. they wore masks during the heists but cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran explains, they still managed to give themselves away. >> this case was an excellent example of law enforcement working together for a common goal of public safety. >> reporter: chp investigators through surveillance video and evidence were able to tie at least three of the ten robberies to three vallejo men. >> in the past 7 days, two of the suspects were arrested and a third is also in custody. he was already in custody on an unrelated matter. >> reporter: the suspects would wear masks making it difficult to id them through video. one big clue in the case, the cars used in the robberies were stolen and the three suspects were known car thieves.
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>> we knew from past experience car thieves and surveillance led to names of people that were involved. >> reporter: the robberies went from last year to may of this year. they used a variety of weapons and threatening toll plaza employees. in total almost $6,000 was stolen. >> they would approach the toll plaza and show a weapons, sometimes not, and flee on i- 80. >> reporter: they stepped up security at the toll plaza to protect employees and ultimately catch who was responsible. >> our primary focus was on the safety. tolltakers. as well as the safety of the citizens on the bridge. >> reporter: this is still an ongoing investigation. there could be other suspects out there and chp will continue until all cases are solved. by the carquinez bridge, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> one day after his aremember,
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tonight john mcafee is in the hospital. the anticomputer virus pioneer suffered a couple of mild heart attacks while in jail in guatemala. he was arrested there for illegally entering the country. he was denied asylum. so that means he could be sent back to belize where authorities want to talk to him about the murder of his neighbor. new questions tonight on how well the oakland police department will function under scrutiny by a federal monitor. the city has agreed to surrender some control of the opd. cbs 5 reporter da lin on those who say it will now be harder to fight crime. >> that agreement in my opinion is going to be absolutely worse for the oakland police department to be able to function. >> reporter: oakland mayor jean quan and police chief howard jordan did not want to talk about the partial federal takeover. but councilman ignacio de la fuente says the arrangement creates too many restrictions on police officers to fight crime. >> police got have the ability to use what they learn in order to identify people before they commit crimes.
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>> reporter: the compliance director would be able to punish and fire the police chief and the command staff. civil rights attorney john burris says that person is basically the chief of the police chief. >> this is a game changer in many ways, and so it should be felt all the way down to the officers on the street. >> reporter: burris insists the compliance director will not direct officers on how to did is -- on how to do their jobs on a daily basis. they would help opd finish a set of reforms ordered 10 years ago after a scandal. the compliance director will set policies to prevent police abuse, excessive force complaints and cut down on officer-involved shooting cases. one councilwoman says what oakland needs is a new leader at the police department. not a paul ryan's director. >> the fact that we have people dying every few days in the city of oakland is a problem. >> reporter: a federal judge will have to sign off on the compliance director and he also
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gets to pick the person. civil rights attorney john burris says he wants to recommend a former police chief who has experience in dealing with the justice department to serve as compliance director. he wants someone with experience in reform. all sides say it's too early to name a potential candidate. in oakland, i'm da lin. cbs 5. checking bay area's headlines, all lanes of traffic on the san mateo bridge are open again. this is after a crash involving 7 cars. it happened about 4:00 this afternoon in the eastbound direction. nobody was hurt. the last of the wrecked cars was towed away an hour ago. traffic is still a mess in the area. san jose police are looking for the driver of a deadly hit- and-run crash involving a pedestrian. it happened yesterday evening at the intersection of south white road and quimby. the victim was rushed to the hospital but later died. police are looking for a dark colored suv or van. back to the bridges, a
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geyser of water closed the main entrance to the bay bridge this morning. san francisco police say that a driver of this car slammed it into a fire hydrant at folsom and essex. the man didn't stop as police tried to pull him over. he was taken to the hospital and then arrested. the dungeness crab season has hit a snag. local crabbers are refusing to fish for the northern california delicacy because of a new price fight with wholesalers. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec shows us, the solidarity on the docks is being tested. >> strike last year this boat. >> right. >> well, you got go fishing. nobody is making money. >> you got go fishing. >> reporter: tensions are high on pier 45 where a lone crab boat came in this morning. a strike has all of the others docked. >> we're tied up negotiating with the processors. >> reporter: it's a dispute over the price of fresh dungeness crab. wholesalers and fishermen had agreed on $3 a pound at the start of the season in november. but demand went down after thanksgiving. so wholesalers want to pay a
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quarter to 75 cents less. the crab boat association says no deal. >> there's not that much crab left out there. we took a big whack out of it. so it should be worth as much or more than we got paid before. >> reporter: this boat which locals call a "scab" came from oregon. >> trying to keep things going. >> reporter: in the meantime things are coming to a standstill at local fish markets. >> bad for business. >> reporter: this shop has only frozen crabs in stock. alioto's has an extra tankful of fresh ones but is running out quickly and fears having to turn customers away. >> it's hard, you know, because, you know, that's what this city is world famous for is the dungeness crab. like going to vegas and you can't gamble. >> reporter: on the pier though, it's more like washington, d.c. tied up in politics. >> trying to hold out for a price that we can afford going to go fishing for. >> reporter: as negotiations continue and those who cross the picket line face the ire of the rest. >> that's everything that's wrong with this industry. >> it's going fishing no. >> we are going fishing.
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>> reporter: the crab season in oregon is expected to open next week bringing some extra inventory back down here it california. from all the predictions i've heard this should be worked out by christmas. in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. serious bullying charges are being made tonight by two 10-year-old vallejo girls against their school. the fifth graders tell cbs 5 that they are constantly harassed by two brothers at cooper elementary school in vallejo. they say the school is not taking their complaints seriously. they claim the boys call them sexually explicit names, grope them, even threaten them. >> he said, i know where you live and i was like, how? and at that time, i look at his hand and i could see a pocketknife. >> basically it got to the point where a child pulled a knife on our daughter.
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>> our investigation found that despite california's strict anti-bullying laws, little was done to stop the boys' behavior. tonight at 11, the two 10-year- olds tell their story and find out what we discovered when we visited the school. she came down and she was going about 60 miles an hour and actually hit her and she went about 30 feet in the air. >> the traffic lights and six lanes for pedestrians to cross. tonight we ask, why isn't anything being done about this bay area crossing? >> i'm juliette goodrich where a bay area environmental agree up is calling these infant products a ticking time bomb. i'll tell you which products and what's in them coming up. >> good evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno nothing on the radar tonight but plenty of cloud cover out there. mostly cloudy skies over the bay bridge, oakland and san francisco. find out when the sunshine is going to come back coming up in my forecast in about 6 minutes. ,,,,,,,,
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perilous stretch of road in millbrae, crossing the stres more like running the gaunt. it shouldn't take a leap of faith to step off a curve. but in millbrae one street is more like running the gauntlet and has been that way for years. reporter mark sayre shows us not much is being done about it. >> reporter: caltrans says veteran to lights are in the works for one of these dangerous crosswalks and a full traffic signal is being considered for another and strobe lights for one. for betsy, crossing el camino real is a daily routine. but with a total of six lanes of traffic to navigate here at santa helena avenue, it is no easy task, even though pedestrians have the legal right of way notice that no cars stop and she has to wait for a break in traffic before she makes her move. >> it's really scary because,
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like, all the cars are, like, going through and you have to, like, wait until everyone goes because some stop and some don't. >> reporter: a few years ago joe smith saw a serious accident a block away at millwood. >> she was going 60 miles an hour and hit her. >> reporter: a teen was critically injured here in 2006. all three of these crosswalks are within a short distance along el camino real, none have any kind of warning signals, and all have had serious accidents over the years. do you think it's safe? >> no. it's not safe. >> reporter: what about the drivers? are they paying attention? >> well, most the drivers don't care. >> reporter: since el camino real is a state highway, only caltrans can make changes to the roadway or the crosswalks. caltrans was sued after the 2006 accident and paid damages to the victim's family but in he
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terms of improving safety, they painted marks on the road. this person feels it's not enough. >> it's scary because sometimes you're like right in the middle and like one car stops and there's like the next one just keeps going. >> caltrain says every intersection is different. as as for the intersection at millwood where the person was thrown 30 feet into the air, that's the intersection targeted for the stop light, dana. we're told that should be up and running by 2014. >> thank you, mark sayre. baby products are at the center of a new lawsuit by a bay area consumer group.
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juliette goodrich explains why one group calls them a health hazard. >> reporter: they are calling them chemical ticking time bombs. this warning label only warns about the plastic bag. it's not warning them about what's inside. i'll show you. it's this foam product. and according to this environmental group, it's the foam that has the cancer- causing agent in it. >> today she took her first long crawl across the floor and then grabbed her favorite toy and immediately stuck it in her mouth. >> reporter: the baby is being protected from toxic exposure. her mom california policy director with the center of environmental health and other members announcing today legal action against major retailers forcing them to stop selling foam products that contain high levels of chlorinated tris a cancer-causing flame retardant that exceeds california law.
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>> when my kids were young, they slept in one of these and it had the same foam. >> reporter: one of six cancer- causing products with the retardant. also used in nap mats in nurseries nationwide. >> instead of actually either using a different material or surrounding it with a different material that is not going to be quick to catch on fire. >> reporter: changing pads, infant sleepers, the nap nanny portable infant recliner, just to name a few. products listed on the environmental health website and products we found still being sold in stores today with no warning labels. why? >> because they can. and because no one is telling them you need to stop. >> reporter: until now. >> until now. >> reporter: but in a statement, the american chemistry council which represents manufacturers of flame retardant said the products are quote, well studied and provide important safety benefits.
6:18 pm
labels don't list the cancer- causing agent. so consumers are advised to stick to polyester fiber fill, cotton or wool. the last thing a parent wants to worry about cancer-causing chemicals while holiday shopping. >> i was more concerned about the lead and staying away from plastic toys i thought was enough. >> this is my son. he has real bad allergies. so i have to know what's going on with the product that i'm buying. >> reporter: now, these companies have received legal notices. that's the first step in legal lawsuits. and it's to their credit to take the product off actually some retail, allen have pulled some of these products off store shelves. if you are curious about those 16 products they are listed on environmental website, but you can go to and click on "newslinks" to get the full list of products. >> great information. thank you. all right, pauley d! it's almost the weekend. >> yes. >> what can we expect? >> well, we are are going to expect exactly what you might want to expect, which is -- >> sunshine!
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>> yes. >> you're the winner. we're all winners this weekend. it's going to be awesome. one little hiccup between now and then. first, if you are heading into san francisco, say hello to i acouple of thousand of your friends who will beat you to the bridge. traffic not so great right now. we are mostly cloudy, and cloud cover especially inland prevented you from hitting 60 degrees today. cbs 5 hi-def doppler is dry tonight despite all the cloud cover. these are not rain-bearing clouds. it will be mainly dry for tonight and for the next several nights. but let's talk about what's going on. we had cloud cover, more widespread inland because you are closer to the central valley where we have a lot of low cloud cover right now. that low cloud cover sometimes this time of year will work its way west into our inland communities sometimes enveloping the entire bay. we are not expecting it this time but the fog will be moving inland tomorrow morning so if you are aware from the
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bay, chances are you'll have fog tomorrow morning. then it's all about high pressure in the perfect spot to give us mainly sunny skies for friday, sunday, monday, tuesday, five straight sunny days with highs running a couple of degrees above normal, which is the 60s. so we're foggy tonight, especially as those of you inland. then we'll have mainly dry weather for several days. weekend weather looks wonderful. highs tomorrow in the 60s. livermore 62. san jose 64. san rafael, san francisco and napa all in the low 60s. hello, sunshine! for saturday and sunday. we'll keep it sunny on monday and tuesday, mid-60s. next chance of showers next wings. it's been awful waiting all those days trying to know if she made it or not. >> the miraculous end to the search for a missing california woman. how she survived days stranded alone in the cold. >> six months ago i never thought i would be here where i am now. >> a bay area cooking class
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for a wounded war veteran. how food helped him find hope and healing. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right?
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i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. high point this afternoon. pped out" with the it is still far from finished but the 49ers' new stadium in santa clara hit a high point this afternoon. it's topped out with the placement of two steel beams at the stadium's highest point. they were signed by the team, city leaders and hundreds of construction workers. on the way up, they carried an american flag and a small christmas tree. >> i know that i feel just a great amount of patriotism when i see the american flag here with all these american steelworkers with all this american steel behind me. but when i see that christmas tree it's going to be an early christmas present to everyone that's here that worked on it. >> the tree and flag are meant to symbolize growth and luck. but when it's done about
6:24 pm
18,000 tons of steel will support the stadium. the equivalent of 3,000 elephants. more than a dozen california war heroes are back in boot camp right here in the bay area. but not the kind of boot camp you may be thinking of. cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo shows us how these wounded warriors are getting their lives back on track starting in the kitchen. >> hear this? >> six months ago i never thought i would be here where i am now. >> reporter: this is the second day of class for 11 veterans learning to broil, fry or cut their way forward. they are wounded vets of wars in iraq and afghanistan finding recovery here in st. helena. >> this is a group for people who haven't met each other before but yet they have been through very similar experiences. >> reporter: they found themselves in the cia -- in this case, the culinary institute of america. >> some of these people have been in afghanistan for months or years and, you know, now they are back here in the united states and they are home and they are trying to readjust.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: everyone here is intent on being as self- sufficient as possible so they can avoid fast food and learn to cook for themselves in a healthier way. >> a lot of their injuries have prevented them from being able to work out and exercise like they used to. >> i served six years in the united states navy didn't know where to go, felt lost and wounded warrior project reached out records travis' injuries ended his naval career, but being here gives him hope. >> being in the military we have all been hurt. you know, you just become friends right away. >> reporter: they sit together for a meal that binds them in a different way. not only in the country's service, but what happens after they have come home. [ applause ] >> whoo! >> reporter: reporting from st. helena, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. coming up in our next half hour, the phone call that ended days of torture. >> and to hear him say, i found her, i found her, i can't explain it. >> how a california woman
6:26 pm
survived several days stranded in the snow. >> why a bay area neighborhood is fighting so hard to stop a new starbucks from moving in. >> and an exciting night in the bay area with the official lighting of the san francisco christmas tree. good evening, i'm roberta gonzales with mobile weather as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. people are stuck in very old habits of using toothpaste to clean their denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply.
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how a woman was rescued aftr nearly a week stranded in te sierra. new at 6:30, we are learning new details on how a woman was rescued after nearly a week stranded in the sierra. paula lane and her boyfriend took a detour on their way from sacramento to nevada. the plan was to do some off roading near highway 88. benben sosenko on what happened when the storm moved in and her boyfriend went for help. [ woman crying ] >> gave her the biggest kiss that i could without hurting her. >> reporter: linda says it's a miracle her sister survived. paula lane spent 6 nights stranded in the elements surviving on snow and tomatoes. >> my sister may be little, but she's mighty. she's a survivor and she loves life. >> reporter: last thursday she
6:30 pm
and her boyfriend rod were on the way back to nevada from citrus heights. their jeep got stuck in the snow. rod left to find help but never returned. a day later paula went looking, too. >> it's been awful waiting all those days trying know if she made it or not. >> reporter: rod didn't survive. and time was running out for paula. last night, paula's family told her twin sons their mother may not be coming home. but shortly after that, her brother found paula in the snowy wilderness. >> when that call came from my brother, it was a miracle. >> reporter: incredibly, paula not only survived but is expected to fully recover from nothing more than severe than minor frostbite. >> she was one very lucky person. i don't know what she did, what footwear she had, god's good grace, but she was lucky it wasn't more severe. >> reporter: physically she will be fine but her doctor says her psychological healing will take longer after a week- long nightmare.
6:31 pm
she will recover with an extremely thankful and loving family by her side. >> and last night when my brother called, i took the call, and to hear him say, i found her, i found her, i --i can't explain it for you guys. [ crying ] >> reporter: and paula is expected to be released from the hospital next week. her family tells us that she wants to tell her story. live in carson city, ben sosenko, cbs 5. the governor of new jersey paid a visit to president obama to plead for money to help his state rebuild from superstorm sandy. the storm destroyed 80% of seaside heights more than a month ago. the famous boardwalk was left in pieces. today governor chris christie asked the president and congress for more financial aid. christie says it's going to take $37 billion to recover and the president promises to help. >> he knows that our work is
6:32 pm
not done any more than the work in the states is done. >> president obama is expected to ask for $50 billion in storm relief for new jersey, new york and connecticut. meantime, president obama made a special trip to virginia today to highlight his fix for the "fiscal cliff." the deadline for the president and congress to find a way to avoid tax increases and spending cuts is 25 days away. president obama made a special point to sit with a middle class family in virginia this afternoon. he was trying to offer an example of who would be hurt by the republican tax proposal. >> for them to be burdened unnecessarily because democrats and republicans aren't coming together to solve this problem gives the sense of the costs involved in very personal terms. >> republicans are standing behind their counter-offer to chose tax loopholes and limit some deductions. they say the president needs to deliver a new plan that they
6:33 pm
can agree on and soon. it's also important to note that congress is scheduled to adjourn december 21st and the president is supposed to be headed to hawaii for vacation on december 17. after doing some downsizing starbucks is back to brewing up some expansion plans and that includes another san francisco store. at market and sanchez. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman tells us some small businesses in that area are trying to grind that plan to a halt. >> reporter: there are 85 starbucks properties in san francisco. do we need 86? >> it will change the entire character of the neighborhood. >> i think they will be a good addition to that block of market. >> reporter: starbucks wants to add 1500 new stores in the u.s. over the next five years. but neighbors are stirring up trouble for another one planned near the city's castro district. >> against it signing up here giving us your email address.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: wendy runs sweet inspirations bakery down the street and is running the opposition. >> we don't want a starbucks going in on the corner because we want this to remain locally owned businesses along this strip. >> reporter: in three weeks they have 1800 signatures against. she and others worry that starbucks will pay high rent and drive up the rest of the neighborhood not to mention taking business away from local shops. and there are already two just about a block away! >> our concern is not only the coffee business but the food business that they want to bring in. >> reporter: starbucks did just buy 19 la boulange bakeries around the area. terry is among the fifth generation to run cliff's hardware on castro is for it. she is head of the merchants of upper market and castro. >> i think that most of the coffee shops up there have long loyal customer following and people really aren't going to change where they go for their
6:35 pm
coffee. >> reporter: starbucks will bring in 15 to 20 jobs. a community space for meetings, more customers for neighboring bills. the question opponents ask, how many do we need? mike sugerman, cbs 5. you probably don't think of it as a premier shopping destination. the bay area city going the extra mile to lure customers. and the unique incentives to shop at his stores. >> a dream house turns into a nightmare for one bay area woman. >> droppings on the stove... >> coming up in the consumerwatch, the unwanted houseguests that infested her home and the fight with the landlord to clean up the mess. ,,,,,,
6:36 pm
for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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ways to keep your shopping local. today the city launched a loyalty program for shopper. they say kind the season to shop and union city leaders are coming up with ways to keep you local. they launched a loyalty program for shoppers saying it's the
6:38 pm
first of its kind in the san francisco bay area. consumers who join get cash back rewards every time they shop or use services from participating local shops. >> signing up for the rapid rewards program which is a shop local program had not only support union city's local nonprofits, it will support you the consumer by providing cash back on your purchases. >> you have to sign up for the rewards but it's free to join. the program also benefits the charity that helps needy families in union city, newark and fremont. a bay area family rented a mouse infested house for months and they tried to get the landlord to do something about it. as cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, the case has led to some changes for the family and the company. >> this is our dream house. >> reporter: but that dream soon turned into a nightmare for christie meredith and her family. >> usually there are droppings on the stove.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: rerental sin fessed with mice most of them in the kitchen but also in the den and the bathroom. >> my son is terrified. he is only 3. why should he have to live like this. >> reporter: the landlord touts great customer service but the merediths say despite more than a dozen calls and e-mails, way point has done nothing. >> anytime i would call them for a problem they would just blow me off. >> sounds like it particular infestation is really bad. >> reporter: tenant rights lawyer says you have recourse if your landlord ignores any serious problem. >> contact the local authorities. >> reporter: depending on the issue it's usually the building or health department. >> they will pressure the landlord. not only will they be responsible for penalties, payable to the tenants but they will be responsible for penalties payable to the city if they don't make the repairs. >> reporter: but you may have to complain a couple of times to be heard. if that fails it may be time to call a lawyer. instead, meredith called consumerwatch and we contacted way point which admits, quote, we clearly failed to meet miss
6:40 pm
meredith's expectations as well as our own. words the merediths have been waiting six months to hear. now, the law does allow you to make repairs and then deduct the cost from your rent. but that could be risky because landlords can then sue you for nonpayment. tonight they say they have reached a, quote, satisfactory resolution with way point. and way point says it's implementing changes to improve communications with tenants. remember, if you have a consumer problem, shoot us an email. or give us a call at watch watch. >> thank you. -- give us a call at 1-888-5- helps-u. what's your name? >> julia. >> did you see clause? >> yes. >> what did you tell him you wanted for christmas? >> i asked santa claus for a book. >> i'm roberta gonzales with mobile weather still straight ahead. >> good news. roberta, julia and all of us are going to stay dry because
6:41 pm
cbs 5 hi-def doppler has nothing on it. find out how long it's going to stay that way in my extended forecast coming up. >> i will bet you can guess which baseball manager was the hottest guy in his high school class. i'm dennis o'donnell. brad pitt has nothing to worry about. this is an act you don't want to miss coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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announcement of her pregnan. a smiling kate middleton let the london hospital where se the duchess of cambridge made her first public appearance today since the announcements of her pregnancy. a smiling kate middleton left the london hospital where she was treated for extreme morning sickness. and if she was still feeling ill, she certainly didn't show it. she told the press that she was feeling much better. and later the soon-to-be royal grandfather gave his first public comments about the pregnancy. >> very nice thought of grandfatherhood if i may say so. so that's splendid. and i'm very glad my daughter- in-law is getting better, thank goodness. >> tallyho. [ laughter ] >> extreme morning sickness usually subsides after 12 weeks but in some cases, it can last the entire pregnancy. kate has at least six months to go. >> splendid. >> lovely.
6:45 pm
>> is she sick of thousands of pictures of her taken every darn day. >> needed a break. >> exactly. >> there might be somebody to that. yeah. you need a break from the rainfall, don't you? we have had 12 of the past 20 days have been soggy around here. i'm here it give the break. i'm just the bearer of the news. we are getting a break from the 60s because most of you are already cooled down into the 50s. livermore 57. union 60. concord 56. santa rosa 50. oakland 60. traffic over the bay bridge trying to get into san francisco pretty bad outside right now. the metering lights are stil on. it's rained in the bay area the past 26 days. we are turning the corner. here's hi-def doppler. don't mind the green you see offshore. that's just some ground clutter. we are rain-free on the radar and will remain that way for a while. let's talk about tonight because we're going to get chilly especially in the north bay. santa rosa 41.
6:46 pm
napa 43. mid-40s with fog likely for concord, livermore. fremont 45. fairfield foggy toward travis air force base tomorrow at 44 degrees for your overnight low. what we're looking at right now is a high pressure. we have a lot of low cloud cover and fog in the central valley. that will be prevalent over the next couple of days and tomorrow morning especially, some of that fog will work its way back inland so watch out north bay and east of the east bay hills out toward the 680 corridor. you will likely be foggy tomorrow morning. that's probably the only fly in the weather ointment if you will because it's all about high pressure. it's in the perfect spot just off to our west to give us a light northwesterly flow of air that's going to give us sunshine and dry weather and it's going to get our temperatures above normal. may not feel like it but it is early december where the average high is the upper 50s. you will be in the low to mid- 60s over the weekend three to seven degrees above average so watch out for the fog. if you want to set at large a couple of minutes early tomorrow so you get to work on time. then sunshine mainly dry
6:47 pm
weather pattern. weekend looking great saturday and sunday, mainly sunny skies. here's your extended forecast: >> slight chance of showers wednesday an thursday. getting closer to christmas. we have another tree lighting ceremony and roberta gonzales is live there tonight. good evening. >> reporter: what an exciting night tonight. the weather is just beautiful. the clouds have cleared out. the temperature has been hanging right around the upper 50s and we have had mobile weather here at mclaren lodge here in golden gate park. and the 83rd annual san francisco christmas tree lighting is take place tonight. phil ginsberg is general
6:48 pm
manager with san francisco rec and park district. good evening. >> good evening, roberta. >> thousands of people are here tonight. tell us about this amazing tree lighting. >> so this is the 83rd time san francisco has lit the city's official tree. this tree over here is a monterey cypress. it was planted by john mclaren the park's first superintendent about 120 years ago and for the last 38 years, san franciscans have been congregating here for the holidays. >> it's a big beautiful lined tree and adorned by many lights. how many? >> 550. thanks for asking. >> you can see them from everywhere because this tree is how tall? >> the tree is, i have no idea how tall the tree is roberta. but it's one of the -- it was one of the city's oldest trees. it's about 120 years old. and john mclaren actually planted it. and it's beautiful and this is a big family-friendly event tonight and we are happy to be hosting it. >> reporter: you said something amazing and interesting to me because people have said i have been coming here since i was
6:49 pm
little to watch this tree being lit. >> reporter: multigenerations of families. >> so we have grandparents who have been here. parents who have been here and now kids who are seeing it for the first time. we have blown it out a little bit. we have rides, games, arts and craft and snow in the back. >> reporter: a lot of great food, too. san francisco rec and park district doing a fine job. mobile weather here at golden gate park tonight. great night for family fun. roberta gonzales for cbs 5.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
the rumors of departure from louisiana tech. " " turns out the dope smokers knew before he got the cal johnson job, sonny dykes was shooting down the rumor. >> some 19-year-old kid smoking pot in his dorm room likely. a lot of those guys live on the west coast. it is legal out there you know. >> it turns out that dope smokers knew what they were talking about. dykes and his wife left monroe, louisiana, in a private jet bound for berkeley.
6:53 pm
he was introduced as the new head football coach of the cal bears today and it sounds like he wants everyone on his staff except jeff. >> i think putting the staff together is about young people, old people, optimistic people, mess mystic people. i think you want a lot of those bases covered. so old grouchy guys and young optimistic guys have an ability to work very well together. >> he is really excited. this is a job that he has wanted and really sees the future that it can be and so as the days went on, we get a little nervous and antsy but we're just really blessed to be here and feel like it's such a wonderful opportunity. >> it's been a whirlwind but we'll look at it back as the best 48 hours of my life. >> wait until he sees the real estate prices. who knows, maybe he will be the next jim harbaugh. long before he was leading the 49ers, he faced a life changing fork in the road. do i want to be a football coach or actor? >> whoo!
6:54 pm
>> hi,everyone? >> hope i'm not too late. >> he played the cousin of screech in the tv series "saved by the bell." the cameo didn't come out without a lesson to america's youth. i spoke to him about his acting career this morning. is it true he released tapes from the tv show just to deflect attention away from your quarterback? >> i don't know anything about that. [ laughter ] >> talking about the "saved by the bell"? >> exactly. that's an old white house tactic to create a media diversion, you know. >> no, i don't think that came out of here. if it did i'd like to find out who it is because i'm taking a lot of abuse for that. >> i was trying to be a hero. people think i'm a hero because i can throw a football but i wouldn't be anything without my teammates. when you start toy this you're a big shot, that's when you usually get into trouble. >> the show was a lot of
6:55 pm
overacting. it was not real good. my wife showed me the clip last night. >> that's not the first time you saw it? >> the first time in a long time. >> what was your wife's reviews? >> about the hairstyle. >> being a hero isn't about what you do out there on the field. it's about who you are in here. >> i'll just give you one piece of advice. don't quit your day job, okay? [ laughter ] >> i have heard that a few times this week. [ laughter ] >> all right. see harbaugh in his day job when the 49ers house the miami dolphins here on cbs 5 sunday at 1:00. the game will be followed by the fifth quarter with complete highlights and post-game reaction. what can help you forget getting swept by the giants in the world series? how about an old flame? tigers manager jim leyland decided to drown his sorrows at his 50th high school reunion when the secrets really came out. >> how differently did the girls that may not have paid attention to you in high school did they look now? >> well, uhm, i don't see quite as good as i used to.
6:56 pm
[ laughter ] >> but they look pretty good to me. i was kind of wondering, i was saying to myself i wonder how the girls thought old jimbo looked? that's me. thought he was bald and skinny. i was the most popular boy. i could bring out my yearbook if you don't believe me but i didn't bring it with me. we happened to find that jimbo wasn't lying. a picture of his yearbook in the senior superlative section of most popular. >> i'll be doggone. >> 50 years later i would say he is telling a little fib there. you can't check on it but he was. >> and you don't like to talk about this either but you were the homecoming king of your high school. >> yes. well, there wasn't much -- >> ah! [ laughter ] >> where's the picture? >> i lost it -- i don't have it. >> i'm sure you lost it. >> we could find it. [ laughter ] >> it's a little known fact
6:57 pm
about allen martin. >> i was a wrestler. the girls didn't like wrestlers. >> how about at the reunion? >> i was a football star. >> you were like the squirmy one. >> jenny was my high school sweetheart. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you very much. all right. just--ha ha! hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for the second day all the way from waltham, massachusetts, it's the hallowell family... [cheering and applause]
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